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Coffee Equipment

Proper equipment is needed for making good coffee. We have a wide selection of home brewing equipment for the coffee lovers to commercial espresso machines for aspiring business owners. These equipment are selected by our baristas at Alto based on quality, tastes and value for money.

Commercial Espresso Machines

For cafes, restaurants and hotels customers only. Our commercial machines are designed for high volume usage, with consistent tastes and convenient milk frothing capability. These world class brands are built with the latest technology and high quality materials to endure continuous usage daily.

Home Espresso Machines

Want to enjoy cafe quality coffee at home? Check out our Melitta range of home espresso machines. They are simple to use, easy to clean and most importantly, makes great coffee.

Brewing Equipment

Different brewing methods can make the same coffee tastes totally different. We have selected our favorite brewing equipment that you can use to make excellent coffee easily at home.

Coffee Grinder

Size does matter. The correct grind size of ground coffee can have tremendous impact of the tastes of the coffee. Grinding is almost as important as the quality of the coffee bean itself.

Cafe Accessories